Monday, July 9, 2012

Addictive Fruit Dip

This is like frosting in a bowl. I was caught a few times just using fruit as a spoon to get this deliciousness into my mouth. I like to think that this is healthy because of the use of yogurt. This dip was popular at our Father's Day cookout and the 4th of July party. I think I have another go to summer appetizer! This truly pairs well with almost anything. I found this recipe at Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life.

You will need:
*1 (8oz.) package reduced fat cream cheese, softened
*3/4 cup packed brown sugar
*1/4 tsp vanilla extract
*6 oz non-fat Greek yogurt
*1 cup cold skim milk
*1 package sugar-Free instant vanilla pudding mix
*items for dipping: watermelon, cantaloupe, graham crackers, strawberries

1. Use a mixer to beat the cream cheese smooth, then add the brown sugar. Add the milk, yogurt, and pudding mix; mix until well combined. Stir in vanilla.

2. Chill at least two hours before serving.

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  1. This looks amazing...into my file it goes!