Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pickles are easy!

I love pickles. In fact, I lived through high school and college on a diet heavy in pickles. I ate them alone, on sandwiches, in salads, and paired with a classic saltine and peanut butter meal. Luckily, I eat much better these days, but I do still enjoy pickles on sandwiches, burgers, and as an occasional snack. This is the first time I made pickles. We had some pickling cucumbers from our CSA, so I was eager to try this recipe. I have already made these a few times and will continue to do so.

Dill Pickles from Annie's Eats

For the brine you will need:
*3 cups water
*6 tbsp. white vinegar
*3 tbsp. kosher salt

And you will also need:
*minced garlic
*fresh dill
*cucumbers, cut into spears, rings, sandwich slices, anything really!

1. Combine all brine ingredients in a pitcher and stir well until the salt is dissolved.

2. Put several sprigs of fresh dill in the bottom of a container (like a jar or tupperware like I did). Pack your container half full with cucumber pieces. Then add more sprigs of dill. Finish filling the jar with cucumbers. Sprinkle some minced garlic on top.

3. Pour brine into the jar until it is full and the liquid covers the pickles. Put the lid on and allow to refrigerate at least 2 days before eating.

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