Thursday, April 6, 2017

A new chapter

I keep returning to this lil old blog lately. I'm feeling drawn to sharing what's going on in our kitchen again. Life is different. I took on a new role as "mom" over a year and a half ago. This is definitely my best role yet, but one that is also all consuming. I've also become an "allergy mama" to a toddler. This is a scary position that comes after a terrifying journey. I'm adapting as I learn how to live in a world where even touching a surface could cause danger to my child. A world in which even close friends and family can cause harm without even knowing. It's hard to be that family that requires accommodations to attend parties and be in others' households. But this is now our reality and we are learning how to keep my daughter safe while also not missing out on life. I want to empower her to live and enjoy each day without fear. A practice I'm still working on for myself.

We have been trialing many recipes to make them safe for our family. My daughter is currently dairy, soy, peanut, tree nut, egg, sesame, and sunflower free due to her severe allergies. So many of my favorite foods are now banned from my household, and I truly can't even look at peanut butter and hummus without getting a shiver down my spine. I am hoping to start using this space to share recipes that may help other allergy families. Going dairy and soy free while nursing was challenging for me. I browsed Pinterest and found inspiration from many blogs. I am hoping I can return the favor. I also think it's time to start documenting what we make and enjoy so that it will help simplify menu planning again.

So hopefully I will be back with a recipe soon. 

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