Sunday, April 18, 2010

Simple Lunch-Pesto Grilled Sandwiches

We live near a local coffee shop that has delicious sandwiches. As tasty as their lunches are, they are usually overpriced. I love trying to create some of our favorite takeout selections at home. This allows us to save some money, and I am often able to make some recipes healthier by using less butter and oil. This is a simple sandwich that I almost didn't blog about. However, I have been eating it so much lately that I decided to share. I have made this on a variety of breads; my favorite breads for this are pumpernickel and any variety Arnold sandwich thin.

You will need:
-roasted red peppers or tomatoes
-goat cheese (plain or with herbs)
-bread of your choice

1) Spread pesto on one slice of bread; spread goat cheese on the other.
2) Top the cheese side with roasted red peppers or tomatoes.
3)Toast/Grill together until bread is toasted to your liking, and the sandwich contents are hot.
4) Enjoy!

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